17th June 2023

The Gala Day committee are always looking for new members who can spare some time to ensure that the Gala Day flourishes.

 2023 will be the 87th  Anniversary of the Gala Day Celebrations.


Forth & District Children`s Gala Day 2023

Gala Day Court  2023

Our Chairman for 2023 Mr Bobby McGinty accompanied by his wife Lorna came along and selected the 2023 Gala day Court

Queen. Georgia Gardiner

Herald. Louie Samson

1st maid. Amber Muncie

2nd maid. Kayla Evans

Maid. Alisha Hamilton

Escort. Jake Greensheilds

Escort. Harley-lee Johnstone

Escort. Lewis Sloan

Escort. Harris Neilson

P1 Flower girl. Lucy Evans

P1 Flower girl. Corrie McKerr

P1 Flower girl. Mary Thomson

P1 Flower girl. Aria Galloway

P1 Page boy. Harris Gibson

P1 Page boy. Bleu Logan

P1 Page boy. Perran Collick

P1 Page boy. Jayden Cross

P2 Page boy. Lyle Connor

P2 Page boy. Lachlan Thomson

P2 Page boy. Vinnie Logan

P2 Page boy. Charlie walker

Our crowning lady for this year is Jane Skea who now lives in Australia and is coming back to join us on this special day.


The Gala Day Committee will be holding their annual Bingo Night on Tuesday 7th March  at 6.30 in the Forth British Legion .


Please visit the Fundraising Events Page for all the details


Gala Years 1964-1994 now available as a five dvd set price £30 


A big thank you to all who participated in all the fund raising events.


Anyone wishing to put Gala Day greeting in the 2023 brochure at the cost of £5.00 per greeting

please contact Gail McClung .

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