Forth & District Children`s Gala day

A time when friends old & new come together for a family day out.

15th June 2024

The Gala Day committee are always looking for new members who can spare some time to ensure that the Gala Day flourishes.

 2024 will be the 88th  Anniversary of the Gala Day Celebrations.


video vault

Video Vault.
The original footage was shot by William Millar Dick, Better known to locals as Wee Wull Dick.

"Wull was born on 11th Feb 1925 at Climpy and worked as a Coalminer. He started with family films around 1961 and loved to film the people around the village. Wull could also be found filming various village events throughout the years.
Once he had edited his own films he would go round the people who were in them. Our Mum Jean Kay (nee Dick) would drive him around the village to show the films. Wull also arranged for nights at the Bank hall to show the Senior Citizens the Gala Films etc.
Later on in life his hobby had sadly to stop due to ill health.
He Died in June 2000.

 information given from the Kay family


Queen of the Heather & Herald YouTube / Vimeo Links

1964 Elizabeth Robb Graham Carmichael 

1965 Elizabeth Carruthers George Simpson 

1966 Mary Pillans Eric Gray 

1967 Denise Brown William Little 

1968 Janice Morton James Robertson 

1969 Fiona Faulds Robert Alexander

1970 Margaret Fraser Eric Cochrane  

1971 Anne Carruthers David Brown 

1972 Elizabeth Mackie Brian Ritchie

1973 Jane Orr Alan Morton

1974 Morag Chalmers Stephen Alexander

1975 Sandra Wood Gordon Robb

1976 Katrina Honeyman David Connor 

1977 Gillian Beverly Scott Gallacher

1978 Aileen Alexander Derek Nelson

1979 Sheena Thomson David Anderson

1980 Allison Speirs Clifford Pointer

1981 Jane Skea Ian Munro

1982 Wendy Watson Nigel Rae

1983 Elizabeth Cleland Mitchell Ballie

1984 Tracey Brindley Billy McMillan 

1985 Tracey Simpson John Mackie

1986 Wendy Govan Christopher Steele

1987 Barbara Gemmell Andrew Steele 

1988 Jane Wilson William Steele

1989 Lee Graham Colin McKendrick

1990 Tracey McGovern Martin Smith 

1991 Kerry Carroll Steven Yule 

1992 Vicky Stewart Stuart Gardiner

1993 Julie Boyd Douglas McKendrick

1994 Lesley Gordon Craig Smith 

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