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16th June 2018

The Gala Day committee are always looking for new members who can spare some time to ensure that the Gala Day flourishes.

 2018 will be the 82nd  Anniversary of the Gala Day Celebrations.


Forth & District Childrens Gala Day Fund


1.    NAME

The name of the Association shall be Forth & District Childrens Gala Day Fund (Herein after referred to as the Committee)

 2.    OBJECTS

a)   To carry out annually with the attendant festivities the crowning of the Gala Queen, whom along with the Herald, two escorts and six maids are selected from Primary 7 and two page boys each from primaries 1 and 2, all shall be pupils in the attendance at Forth Primary School and any special educational needs unit.  Flower girls from primaries 1 and 2 attending Forth and Braehead Schools and any special educational needs unit shall be entered into one draw. (with the first name drawn from Braehead representing the school).  All eligible for the court shall be selected by the draw.

b)  All children taking part in the Gala Day Court shall have resided in the Village or surrounding areas for a minimum of three years from the date of the next scheduled Gala Day.  The surrounding areas being Braehead, Climpy, Haywood and Wilsontown.  The official boundary for Forth is Covanhill. Any child attending the local schools from out with those boundaries shall not be eligible to take part in the Gala Court.


The committee shall be non party political and non sectarian.  Membership is open to all residents of the area and representatives from local organizations. 

Obligation of Membership:-

a) To attend regularly all general meetings of the committee

b) To help carry out duties on Gala Week

c) To help fund raising on behalf of the committee

d) Any committee member who brings the Gala Day into disrepute will be dismissed from the committee

e) Any child in the Gala Day Court or Parent/Guardian of the child in the court who brings  the Gala Day into disrepute will result in the child being withdrawn from the court and a reserve stepping into their place


a) The committee shall be elected by a show of hands at an AGM in September.  The committee shall consists of Four office bearers President, Vice-President, secretary and treasurer plus other members of the committee elected annually at a meeting convened for this purpose.  Members of the committee shall resign each year and shall be eligible for re-election.  The committee will have the power to set up sub-committees to deal with specific interests.  Such sub-committees will be made up of members of the committee, but the committee will have the power to enlist the services of any person who will be of benefit to the committee for any specific purpose.  Such persons will not thereby become members of the committee

b) The committee shall have the power to elect:-Office bearers assist the secretary as needed - A quorum shall be at least 4 members

c) Members shall be over 18 years of age

d) The President shall have the casting vote.


a) The funds of the committee shall be obtained through grants and donations and by means of any other fund-raising activities as the committee may deem acceptable or necessary.

b) A Bank Account shall be opened in the name of the Club with a Bank or Building Society.  The Management Committee shall authorise, in writing two members of the Management Committee [one of whom shall be the Treasurer] plus two others to sign cheques on behalf of the Club [the signatories shall not be related]. All cheques must be signed by not less than two of the three authorised signatories

c) All finances of the Gala Day Committee shall be handled by the Treasurer who shall report to the committee at each meeting.

d) The financial year will run from 1st August to 31st July each year 

e) The accounts of the committee shall be independently examined annually.  It shall be the duty of the committee to hand over to the independent examiner all records and books by beginning of September each year.


The Annual General Meeting of the Committee shall be held each year in September.  Providing that the interval between one AGM and the next shall not exceed 15 Calendar months and 28 clear days notice in writing of the meeting shall have been made public and sent to all members of the Committee.


Regular Meetings - There shall be at least 6 meeting per year as required.

Special meetings – may be called at any time by the Secretary or at the request of members giving their reasons


All motions regarding the proposed amendment of the constitution of the committee shall be designated special motions and shall only be considered and voted on at the AGM if written notice to the secretary 21 days before the AGM of the committee.

Any proposal to alter the constitution of the Gala day Committee must be sent in writing not less than 21 days before the meeting which it is to be considered.  Alterations will require the approval of a Special General Meeting specifically called to discuss the alteration or at the AGM. Amendments to the Constitution require the support of 51% of the members present.


In the event of the dissolution of the committee or the committees ceasing to exist, all property money and assets belonging to the committee shall be frozen until such time as a new committee is formed.

If the committee by a simple majority decide at any time that on the grounds of expense or otherwise it is necessary or advisable to dissolve the committee, it shall call a special general meeting of the committee of which meeting not less than 21 days given notice (stating the terms of resolution to be proposed at the meeting) shall be given.  If such decision is confirmed by a two-thirds majority of the votes cast in relation to the resolution at such meeting.

Adopted at a meeting held on: …Monday 10th December 2012

Signed: Isobel Hogg  Name  Print: …Isobel Hogg.. Chairperson 

Date - 10th December 2012

Support Info

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